Motoplat CV-307A – We are the first in the UK to run this test bench

Modern cars, trucks, PSVs, Plant, Industrial and Agricultural machines rely on electrics, which depend on an alternator’s efficient operation. The Motoplat CV-307A is the market leader for testing these highly complex alternators, in terms of understanding their protocol and the efficiency they provide. We are proud to be the first in the UK to run this test bench, which provides a detailed analysis of the alternator. This allows us to give our customers a unique understanding of any faults and possible solutions.

The Motoplat CV-307A is able to:Motoplat CV-307A test bench

  • Utilise in built API+ technology to automatically identify the COM protocol being used within 2 seconds (currently 26 being used by manufacturers globally)
  • Tests 12 volt up to 300A and 24 volt up to 150A
  • Leakage test up to 250mA
  • Tests the latest stop/ start alternator/starter combinations. This includes Valeo I-Stars.
  • Ripple measurement in Amps and %
  • Alternator efficiency in %
  • Motor torque test in NM
  • Motor power in KW
  • Step less RPM control
  • Tests 24 Volt LIN
  • Extensive regulator control
  • Shows communication speed in Baud rate
  • In depth DFM testing
  • Manual/ Auto test capabilities
  • Full comprehensive printed test report available

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