Varta Batteries

We are proud to be a Varta Stockist and retain a large stock. We also receive a delivery from Varta twice daily. Varta are the O.E. choice of the largest manufacturers that include Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes, Peugeot, Saab, Vauxhall, Volkswagen.

We can supply for all applications that include:

  • Car/ Light Commercial
  • Standard and Uprated Fit
  • Motorcycle – Standard, Gel, and AGM
  • Heavy Commercial – Standard and Heavy Duty Fit
  • Plant – Standard and Extra Durable Fit
  • Industrial – Standard and High Demand Fit

Why compromise on an essential part of your engine’s make up. The battery is the heart of your system and is under increasing strain from the electrical technology that powers the automotive, plant and industrial equipment


For further details on the technology behind Varta’s latest batteries and the benefits of fitting the Varta product please click here (external website) to visit the Varta website or contact us now on 01920 822003 or come into our workshop.

About Varta Batteries
The comprehensive Varta range means that there is a Varta battery for every vehicle. Varta is one of the world’s leading battery brands, renowned for high-quality and the use of forward-looking technologies and the sustainable handling of resources.

Most important of all is the inner energy that Varta always provides you with. Power does not have to be prominent to be present – but it is the power behind so many vehicles on our roads. Our power can be appreciated in terms of the quiet confidence Varta gives you by reliably powering your vehicle day in, day out. And, as a leading supplier to the car manufacturers for all their new vehicles, Varta provides lots of other services and facilities as well. Varta represents premium expertise – in sales and in service, too. So, if we look beyond the product, the claim “The power behind. And beyond.” , it signifies Varta’s excellent fulfilment of all our customers’ and our markets’ requirements.

Call us to buy or for more information about these Varta batteries:
– Varta Start-Stop Plus
– Varta Start-Stop
– Varta Silver dynamic
– Varta Blue dynamic
– Varta Black dynamic
– Varta Promotive Silver
– Varta Promotive Blue
– Varta Promotive Black
– Varta Funstart AGM
– Varta Funstart Gel
– Varta Hobby Batteries