Optima Batteries

For the ULTIMATE in battery performance, Optima provide the innovation and performance that can’t be beaten. As an official Optima stockist we are happy to advise you on the Optima battery that will best suit your needs.


The Optima battery range, with its unique Spiracell design, outperforms standard lead acid batteries in many ways including:

  • 2 x longer life
  • Much greater power performance
  • Spill-proof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Faster recharge capabilities
  • Multi-position installation


The features of this innovative battery makes it attractive to a wide spectrum of very satisfied customers including:

  • Classic car enthusiasts
  • Agricultural operators
  • Off-road drivers
  • Industrial operators
  • Plant hire operators
  • Car modification enthusiasts
  • Marine enthusiasts

For more details of the possibilities that Optima technology offer please click here (external website) to visit the Optima website: or call us now on 01920 822003 for more information or visit our workshop.

About Optima Batteries
When Optima batteries burst onto the scene around five years ago they certainly made an impact. The brightly coloured lids of Yellow Top Optimas, Red Top Optimas and Blue Top Optimas stood out against the dull grey and black batteries that we were used to seeing. However, many people thought this was a clever marketing gimmick… until they used an Optima for the first time..

These batteries have a different make-up than a traditional lead acid battery, with ‘Spiral Cell’ technology that provides a leak-proof and vent-free casing that is both tough and durable. The wound cell technology of Optima Batteries was first used in 1969 for the US space programme to power the Lunar Rover. In 1972 this technology was bought by Gates Rubber, and in 1983 the firm began to develop it for automotive applications. The Gylling Group of Scandinavia bought Optima in 1994, opening a factory a year later in Colorado. In 2000 Optima was acquired by Johnson Controls. In 2007 JCI laid the foundation stone for a new production site in Monterrey, Mexico, enabling it to keep pace with global demand.

The Optima Batteries advert: